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It lives! Lumpy the Nurgle Daemon Prince is painted!

May 11, 2017 Posted by cranky

Hey everyone, Cranky Old Gamer here and I excited to finally say that a project that has long been on my “to be completed” shelf is finally done. A long while back I started a little conversion project for a Nurgle Daemon Prince, who I named “Lumpy” (for hopefully apparent reasons). Well, he sat in my “needs to be painted pile” for long enough, and I’m happy to say I’m really happy with how he turned out. It didn’t take me too long to paint him, and maybe it was just that I was working on other projects. But I got inspired to come back to him. What do you think?


The Story of “Lumpy”: A Rotten Inspiration for a Nurgle Daemon Prince Conversion

January 10, 2015 Posted by cranky


One night not too long ago, while I was painting some Warmachine Khador infantry, I got suddenly inspired to get back to my love of the 40k Nurgle CSM / Daemons faction. I had lots of bits recently sorted and recently purchased some FB Vargheists for some CSM Spawn conversion, and the wings were super cool and rotted looking. I had bought some bits to build a Tzeentch Daemon Prince as well (one of my many back burner projects… oy…) and then a flash of inspiration hit me. What followed was a marathon night of converting and building into the wee hours…


Chaos Daemon Prince conversion – done!

September 13, 2014 Posted by cranky

Well this guy has been a long time in the making. I finished painting this guy in the winter of 2013 and he sat on the shelf waiting for the weather to get better before I sealed him with clear coat. Now he’s done (well not 100% done, I need to put some metal flake on the rusted parts but that won’t take long) and he’s ready for the battlefield. I started this guy a long time ago with progress shots here and I’m glad he’s finally gotten completed. He’s one of my favorite conversions. Some pics below of this guy. I’m finding that now I’m building a Chaos Daemons army, I can use him in a dual role for HQ in CSM or HS for CD.


Nurgle Daemon Prince #1 – completed!

December 21, 2012 Posted by cranky

Finally finished up my first Nurgle Daemon Prince. He is a beautiful miniature and probably one of my favorite miniatures Games Workshop produces. Might even be one of the reasons I went for a Nurgle Chaos Marines list. He’s the new FineCast version, which I love. He’s light as a feather and was a cinch to clean, pin, and assemble. The only drawback I see with the FineCast (on this particular guy) might be the chain and hook wrapped around the sword – it’s a bit fiddly and bendy. Over time I could see as the paint fully cures that any flex in this part of the model will cause paint cracking and chipping, but that is certainly down the road.


Nurgle Chaos Lord with Jump Pack Conversion WIP

December 16, 2012 Posted by cranky

So I’ve been focused on many things lately (too many concurrent projects frankly) and this guy was part of that. Since then I’ve buckled down and recommitted to getting some painting done. But as I finished up my Nurgle Raptors (see this post), I wanted to have Nurgle Jump-pack lord to go with them. I totally lifted the idea from a post on another forum, but also taking the idea and making it my own. Since I’ve gotten him started, I’ve decided to put him aside for a little while as I get some much-needed painting done, but thought I’d post the work in progress shots just for fun. I’ve also got some pictures of my painting progress to show here, just in case you think I’ll all build and no painting!