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DeepWars video battle report – Nereids vs. Fortune Hunters

March 13, 2017 Posted by cranky

Welcome everyone to our next video battle report for DeepWars! Deepwars is the under-sea tabletop minitatures combat game from Antimatter Games. In this battle report, we pit the Nereids of Blood Reef, a new faction in the recently delivered Kickstarter “Blood Reef” expansion campaign, against the tried-and-tested Fortune Hunters faction. In our 6th video battle report installment, the mermaid-like Nereids are out for blood, and ready to prove their mettle in protecting the sunken city of Xibalba in this 735-point game. Who will emerge victorious? Watch and find out! As always, let us know what you think and comment on the YouTube video below with any comments, positive or constructive. Thanks for watching!


DeepWars video battle report #5 – Ancients of Atalán vs. Fortune Hunters 800 points

January 16, 2017 Posted by cranky

Hey there folks, Cranky here with our latest video battle report for the DeepWars game from Antimatter Games. In this scenario we pit the Ancients of Atalán vs. the Fortune Hunters to battle over the Laurentian Science Station, next to the cliffs of Blood Reef. The Fortune Hunters built this station, but have mysteriously abandonded it – now they are back. The Ataláns move to deny them access to their science facility. Who will emerge victorious?


DeepWars video battle report #4 – Dark Mariners vs. Fortune Hunters

November 18, 2016 Posted by cranky

We just finished our 4th battle report for DeepWars and what a game! This time we pit the Dark Mariners vs. the Fortune Hunters in a battle at the bottom of the Shadow Sea for treasure in a Salvage mission. This is an 800 point battle and features some new models for both factions. Check out the video battle report below and some pictures taken during the battle!


DeepWars video battle report – Fortune Hunters vs. Scaly Horde

September 18, 2016 Posted by cranky

Check our our 2nd video battle report for DeepWars. In this battle, we pit the Fortune Hunters (humans) vs. the Scaly Horde (confederation of sea-dwelling humanoids and aquatic monsters) in a battle to the death over an ancient artifact found on the sea floor, left millennia ago by elder beings – an ancient Death Ray device. Who will emerge victorious in capturing the death ray? Watch to find out!


First Impressions: Antimatter Games’ Deep Wars

June 11, 2016 Posted by cranky

A friend of mine, several months ago, pointed out a game he was in the process of Kick-starting an expansion to an existing “under the sea” miniatures game called Deepwars. It immediately caught my eye. I started browsing their website and I had to give it a look, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. I’m definitely interested in spending more time with this game. Deepwars is a tactical miniatures table-top wargame set in an alternate universe, essentially a “Jules Verne” style world with Elder God tech, spells, and some steampunk elements. I painted up a starter warband, and my buddy John has been doing the same, and yesterday we got a chance to play the game and use the rules – we had a blast.