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It lives! Lumpy the Nurgle Daemon Prince is painted!

May 11, 2017 Posted by cranky

Hey everyone, Cranky Old Gamer here and I excited to finally say that a project that has long been on my “to be completed” shelf is finally done. A long while back I started a little conversion project for a Nurgle Daemon Prince, who I named “Lumpy” (for hopefully apparent reasons). Well, he sat in my “needs to be painted pile” for long enough, and I’m happy to say I’m really happy with how he turned out. It didn’t take me too long to paint him, and maybe it was just that I was working on other projects. But I got inspired to come back to him. What do you think?


30k Adeptus Mechanicum Krios Venator Assembly Tutorial

May 10, 2016 Posted by cranky

Hey everyone, been a while since I’ve posted, and really my hobby progress has largely been consumed since last Christmas with a Horus Heresy Mechanicum army I’ve been assembling and painting like mad. When I went to LVO 2016, I wanted to see all the great 30k armies and it really helped keep me motivated to get my Mechanicum army ready for next year’s LVO. Part of that force is going to be 2 Krios Venator tanks – I love these models. But not going to lie – those models are super tricky to assemble. Check out my tutorial inside to see how these pieces go together – its important to assemble in the right order, and I hope through my trial and error, others can learn how to assemble these bad boys with less struggle.


Chaos Daemons – Daemon Prince of Slaanesh completed

September 3, 2015 Posted by cranky

A short time ago I finished 2 conversions as a commission for by friend Tobie over at Tiny Metal Men blog. I built a Lord of Change (see earlier blog post here) and a Slaanesh Daemon Prince, in exchange for his painting services on some Chaos Cultists for my Khorne Daemonkin army. I was amazed at how quickly and how amazingly he painted up the Slaanesh Daemon prince. Check out the conversion pics and the final painted article here!


“Mr. Skull-Head” Plague Marine Tutorial

October 28, 2012 Posted by cranky


So I was getting worried that I’ve now got a lot of plague marines for my Chaos Marines army, and of all the custom marines I made (non-Forgeworld torso ones) might be starting to look a little too similar to one another. I also was looking at other plague marines on the net, and seeing on the GW models that some of them have parts that are in full decay. A lot of my plagues have pallid flesh where flesh is exposed, but not a lot of actual “rot”, especially on the face area – for instance, they still looked “human”, even though they were slightly decayed. I was thinking, need to get some plagues that are in full-blown decay mode. So I decided to try to get creative…


Tyranid Broodlord conversions

October 15, 2011 Posted by cranky

I wasn’t a big fan of the standard Tyranid Broodlord model, so I went of a campaign to convert my own. I like a lot of the aspects of the standard GW sculpt, but like many, I just wasn’t digging the pose (the “Darth Vader NOOOOOO!!!!!” pose just wasn’t doin’ it for me.)