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Las Vegas Open 2017 – Horus Heresy Gaming

February 8, 2017 Posted by cranky

Hey everyone! Just back from Vegas and wanted to share my experience and my pictures of the Las Vegas Open 2017, particularly the Horus Heresy events I attended. This year at LVO for the 30k scene there was a “Horus Heresy Mega-Battle” (giant apocalypse style game), and a 6-round 2,500 point tournament played on Saturday and Sunday. The Northwest 30k crew made it down to Vegas and had a blast playing 30k, meeting old friends, and making new ones, all while enjoying the 30k hobby. Warning – pic heavy! Check out the Horus Heresy action below!


Lock & Load 2015 Preparations

June 4, 2015 Posted by cranky


I originally was going to skip Lock & Load this year as I figured I’d be too busy and traveling for work, but I decided with my buddy John at the last minute to go!  I busted out my Khador stuff and started painting a few odds and ends, just to have more stuff painted and ready to go for the event.  I’ve posted some pictures below to show my progress over the last few weeks in preparation for the event, check it out!



Getting Started with Dropzone Commander

March 9, 2015 Posted by cranky

I’ve been interested in Dropzone Commander for a while now, but just hadn’t pulled the trigger. I felt that I had gotten into something that *wasn’t* 40k with Warmachine / Hordes, and that I couldn’t really justify a new miniatures game (either with time to focus on it or financially). I recently went to LVO and one of my main goals was to check out other games as I definitely had interest, but needed to balance it with ability. I was specifically interested in 30k and/or Dropzone Commander. I was excited with what I saw with DzC, and walked away being keen on getting started on my DzC journey. Check out some pics from LVO on my experience with DzC and some first pics of some of the models I’ve built since.


My Experience: Las Vegas Open 2015

February 23, 2015 Posted by cranky

I finally pulled the trigger and made the commitment about 6 months ago to go to a wargaming tournament and see the spectacle, and I wasn’t disappointed! I recently, this last weekend, had the opportunity to go to the Las Vegas Open (LVO), hosted by Frontline Gaming. What a spectacle and a show! A well run convention / tournament with all kinds of games to be seen. The event was largely dominated by 40k, but many other games were represented, such as Warmachine/Hordes, Ininity, Drop Zone Commander, Malifaux, and more. Below is a chronicle of my (very positive) experience.

The Story of “Lumpy”: A Rotten Inspiration for a Nurgle Daemon Prince Conversion

January 10, 2015 Posted by cranky


One night not too long ago, while I was painting some Warmachine Khador infantry, I got suddenly inspired to get back to my love of the 40k Nurgle CSM / Daemons faction. I had lots of bits recently sorted and recently purchased some FB Vargheists for some CSM Spawn conversion, and the wings were super cool and rotted looking. I had bought some bits to build a Tzeentch Daemon Prince as well (one of my many back burner projects… oy…) and then a flash of inspiration hit me. What followed was a marathon night of converting and building into the wee hours…