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Nurgle Chaos Marine Rhinos – completed!

August 25, 2013 Posted by cranky

These Rhinos have been a long time in construction, magnetization, green-stuffing, painting, and gaming, and now they’re finally “done”. I’m glad to finally put them in the foam case, the way I always mentally check off a model when it’s done. These guys were actually a lot of fun to take from box to completed product, and I learned a lot along the way. Particularly, I spent a lot of time figuring out how to best magnetize each part so that they wouldn’t get in the way, specifically the Havoc launchers and how they would end up interacting with the turret (were I to make them Predator tanks). Take a look at the gallery of shots below and the video showcasing the “accessories” at the end of this post to see the fleet of 8 Nurgle Rhinos!


Forgeworld Chaos Decimator WIP, Part 2

September 7, 2012 Posted by cranky

chaos nurgle decimator

Been working on assembling my 2nd Decimator and it’s going pretty well. I was concerned that the first Decimator that I assembled was too tall – specifically, I didn’t ensure that the legs (which come in 3 parts – thigh, shin, and elongated foot bone, much like a digitigrade leg) were assembled such that they would make the model have that canonical “hunched” look. Turns out that with my 2nd Decimator, I intentionally tried to make the legs as compact as possible, and in the end the model is really only about 1/2 cm shorter than his less-hunched counterpart. So I think that it’s maybe not as critical as one thinks to get the leg positioning as tight as possible – I think they both came out pretty good.


Predator turrets magnetized!

August 24, 2012 Posted by cranky

predator turret magnetized

Finally got around to assembling my 2x predator turrets and magnetizing them this morning – it was a snap! It took about 1 hour per turret from sprue to finished product, including turret base with ammo can on back, and 2x gun barrels, including 1 twin-linked lascannon and 1 autocanno gun barrel. It couldn’t have been easier actually. I think the sponsons will be more tricky. In the end I’m hoping all this time investment to make things interchangable on my Nurgle army will pay off. Close-up picture below.


Nurgle Terminator Lord

November 12, 2011 Posted by cranky

Got the plastic Chaos Lord Terminator at the local hobby shop recently.  I decided to do my best to come up with a terminator lord that has Nurgle-themed, whether I decided to give him the Mark of Nurgle or not, I wanted him to fit with the army.  Of course, with my recent decision to magnetize, he was the first out of the blocks to get the treatment. (more…)

Tyranid Carnifex

October 15, 2011 Posted by cranky

The mighty Carnifex – that big bruiser on the Tyranid list that is renowned for being the tough wrecking ball. Not quite as mighty as it was in 4th edition, but still a big gribbly to be reckoned with. I put together 3 Carnifexes lately – all of the “screamer killer” variety. Some day I’ll figure out how to magnetize so they won’t be stuck with a fixed cofiguration – but for now, the tried-and-true variant is a good addition to any big game or Apocalypse battle. (more…)