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Adepticon 2018 Doubles Event Display Board

March 28, 2018 Posted by cranky

The planning for Adepticon 2018 Horus Heresy event was more than a year in the making for my doubles team partner Paul and I, and we had a great time putting the dream into reality for our Word Bearers & Malinax display board for the event. Having just come off of LVO 2017, and looking for our next project for 2017 / 2018, we landed on Word Bearers armies with House Malinax allies for our next big project. A lot of work went into the planning and execution over the course of the year. The project got underway in March of 2017 and in 2018 we landed in Schaumburg to play in the doubles tournament!


Squatch It! NW30k Horus Heresy Invitational – March 25th

March 26, 2017 Posted by cranky

Hello one and all and welcome to the massive picture dump of the Horus Heresy Invitational! This event was organized by Northwest 30k fearless leader David Leggé and graciously hosted by Paul Sewell of Heroic Knight Games in Issaquah, WA. Many gamers showed up (a total of 24 players, 6 players battling it out on 3 Zone Mortalis boards, and 18 players playing on regular 4×6 tables) for some awesome Horus Heresy action. So many great armies on display, and the Northwest 30k scene is growing and with a lot of really great people. And a mysterious creature showed up on one table!!!! I wasn’t able to spend the whole day there due to other commitments, but took some pictures, as well as posted other’s pictures from the day here, for your enjoyment – check it out!


Horus Heresy Tournament at MOB Games

December 24, 2016 Posted by cranky

The Northwest 30k community hosted a 30k tournament on December 10th, 2016, in Lake Stevens, WA, and much fun was had by all! What a great tournament and loads of fun with great opponents and beautiful armies.

We made the trip up to MOB Games in Lake Stevens, WA for the event. Many folks were getting armies painted up for the event right up to the 10th, and it was very inspiring to see so many great armies there, as well as new members to the 30k community – we hope to see you again in an event soon!

Check out some pictures of the event below, and I for one am looking forward to our next event!


Horus Heresy Tournament

June 7, 2016 Posted by cranky

I’ve been building and painting my 30k Mechanicum army since December 2015, and I got everything done that I needed to for a 2500 pt force. Back in April or so, a local gaming group here in the PNW set up a 30k tournament, and while I was still assembling and painting, I signed up knowing I wanted to play and it was a good motivator for me to get my force done and table-ready. I have to say it came right down to the weekend before getting everything finished and sealed and packed up into my fantastic new KR Multicase Backpack 4. I took a lot of pictures of the 2000 point friendly tournament, and I wanted to share them with you. I had so much fun, can’t wait to do this again in August with a 2500 point list!


Transfers for 30k Mechanicum army + Tutorial

June 3, 2016 Posted by cranky

I finally finished the bulk of my 30k Mechanicum army and I am so stoked with how they finally turned out. I’ve been painting these guys since December of last year and saving them on my shelf to finish them by sealing – I dare not seal them in the winter time. I live in the Pacific Northwest United States, so much of the year it’s a little too cool and/or rainy to prime or seal. I get terrified when I need to go seal models because of the dreaded “fogging” effect. I also wanted to get some decals on them, which I’ve never done successfully to my satisfaction on other models, so I held off till the summer (now!) to do transfers and final sealing. Below is the results – check it out!