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Nurgle Plaguereaper Super-Heavy tank – WIP

June 15, 2013 Posted by cranky

Hi all, as part of my January 2013 challenge, I decided it was time to finalize my Nurgle Plaguereaper super-heavy tank for 40k Apocalypse battles. I bought an assembled Baneblade tank on ebay for a song, and had it sitting around for some time, with the intent of “nurgling” it up at some point to be my plaguereaper tank. Well, with the rumors of impending release of an updated version of Apocalypse, I felt it was time to get this thing underway and make it look all properly Nurglified. I’ve started the process with adding some green stuff, some tubing & cabling, and the “pus vats” on the sides for the pus cannon on the turret. Take a look below at the shots so far, comments and critique welcomed!


Slaanesh Noise Marines prototype

April 24, 2013 Posted by cranky

I’ve been wanting to make a Slaanesh Noise Marine squad for some time now, and as I’m working on several projects in the background getting ready for a family trip soon, I’ve decided to go through my bits box and find the parts to make these guys (that I bought quite some time ago) an start building a prototype Noise Marine (mostly out of competitor bits) to see what he’d look like. I think he turned out pretty cool, especially for all the random parts I used (many of them competitor bits). Check out the pics below – as always commentary and feedback welcome!


Nurgle Sorcerer, Part Deux

December 23, 2012 Posted by cranky

So I’ve been in my dungeon, er.. man cave.. er.. “shop”, yeah yeah, that’s it… quite a bit during this holiday vacation of mine and getting a lot of work done. Which is awesome. I’ve been getting to a lot of those projects that have been sitting around for a long time needing attention, especially painting, and finally starting to get somewhere with them. Another one is a 2nd Chaos Nurgle Space Marine Sorcerer that I banged out a while ago out of just spare bits I had laying around. The goal was to create something that was super-cool but where I didn’t have to go shell out money or get special bits to make, just stuff I had laying around. This is the guy I came up with. He’s been built for a while, not I’ve finally finished painting him.


Nurgle Chaos Lord with Jump Pack Conversion WIP

December 16, 2012 Posted by cranky

So I’ve been focused on many things lately (too many concurrent projects frankly) and this guy was part of that. Since then I’ve buckled down and recommitted to getting some painting done. But as I finished up my Nurgle Raptors (see this post), I wanted to have Nurgle Jump-pack lord to go with them. I totally lifted the idea from a post on another forum, but also taking the idea and making it my own. Since I’ve gotten him started, I’ve decided to put him aside for a little while as I get some much-needed painting done, but thought I’d post the work in progress shots just for fun. I’ve also got some pictures of my painting progress to show here, just in case you think I’ll all build and no painting!


Nurgle Raptors progress

December 9, 2012 Posted by cranky

Oh my Nurgle Raptors, how you’ve suffered by my modelling OCD, multiple colds, deprioritization due to family and work life, and not to mention wandering eye towards painting my Nurgle Terminators and Daemon Prince (pics soon I promise). But I got the bug to finish these guys lately after a game where I used a single squad of 5 of them. They did pretty well, even though I’ll play them a little differently next time. I had about 10 of them pretty close to done before my last game, which needed some finishing touches. I also had 5 more that needed complete assembly. I liked the first 10 I did, but for the last 5 I wanted to get a little more crazy with the positioning and the modeling, so over the last week or so I buckled down and went into git-r-dun mode. Below are some of them, pretty much all finished, and ready for painting.