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Battle Report – Siege of Thrax, Episode 3

December 31, 2013 Posted by cranky

Chaos Nurgle Lord Craxus the Foul and the brutal Ork Warlord Garm Skullcrusha have a stand-off and epic confrontation in the middle for the push towards the heart of Thraxan capitol. The orks, seeing a string of victories pile up and momentum for a Waagh of their own, are beginning to interfere with the plans laid out by the Forces of Ruin. Lord Craxus begins to become concerned that the Ork forces are pushing too fast into the loyalist lines, creating an over-extension threat towards the campaign as well as threatening the Sleeping Daemon’s successful rite of wakening. The two warlords agree to parlay in the middle of the campaign to sort out their differences and realign the Orks to the larger goals of the campaign. Are the forces of Chaos successful in bringing the Ork forces to heel, or do the Orks gain more fury in their rampage towards the final destination of the Thraxian capitol?


The Siege of Thrax Campaign – Episode 2 Battle Reports

November 28, 2013 Posted by cranky

Episode 1 of The Siege of Thrax campaign saw the Forces of Ruin (Chaos Space Marines and Orks) descend upon the Hive World of Thrax in a quest to wake the forces of Chaos sleeping beneath the planet’s surface. In an epic series of battles, the first part of the campaign saw the Forces of Ruin victorious. Now, the sword of battle is drawn as the Forces of Ruin make their push to capture key objectives on the planet. Cities, key roads, landing fields, areas of war supplies become desperate battlefields as loyalist forces attempt to hold at all costs and stop the advance.


The Siege of Thrax Campaign – Episode 1 Battle Reports

November 3, 2013 Posted by cranky



The campaign begins for the Siege of Thrax – Episode 1 of 5 begins the campaign with forces gathering to protect the Hive City Thrax Primaris, and the forces of Ruin gathering their might and their allies to lay waste to Thrax and free The Dreaming Daemon Lord, Zarandramelex. For aeons he has slumbered beneath the ground and now the hive city built upon his entombed sleeping chamber. As the forces gather, see below how the distress calls have been aswered as the forces of Chaos and their Ork allies descend upon the planet Thrax. Below are the first stages of what history will recount as an Apocalyptic battle for the fate of the Thrax system…


Apocalypse Battles! 9/28/2013

September 28, 2013 Posted by cranky


I had the opportunity to watch a local gaming group (Neighborhood Waagh! on Facebook) hold a couple of Apocalypse battles here in Seattle this last weekend. I must say that it was pretty impressive! 8000 points a side, and one custom gaming table, bringing my son along (although he found a buddy playing iPad and immediately got sucked into watching the games he was playing). It was fun to watch a few hours of battle unfold for these guys. I’ve posted some pics of the two concurrent tables playing their battles.


Ork Stompa Factory spotted!

July 7, 2013 Posted by cranky


My good friend Marc has been inspired to work on his 40k Ork army in preparation of the upcoming Apocalypse release. His Ork army is already huge. Inspiration to bigger his horde has resulted in an epic unboxing of all the miniatures, plus a focus on getting some big guns ready for the big event later this year – stompas! Check out the progression of getting all the Orks out and on display and the Stompa factory that has been kicked into overdrive this weekend!