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Battle Report – Siege of Thrax, Episode 3

December 31, 2013 Posted by cranky

Chaos Nurgle Lord Craxus the Foul and the brutal Ork Warlord Garm Skullcrusha have a stand-off and epic confrontation in the middle for the push towards the heart of Thraxan capitol. The orks, seeing a string of victories pile up and momentum for a Waagh of their own, are beginning to interfere with the plans laid out by the Forces of Ruin. Lord Craxus begins to become concerned that the Ork forces are pushing too fast into the loyalist lines, creating an over-extension threat towards the campaign as well as threatening the Sleeping Daemon’s successful rite of wakening. The two warlords agree to parlay in the middle of the campaign to sort out their differences and realign the Orks to the larger goals of the campaign. Are the forces of Chaos successful in bringing the Ork forces to heel, or do the Orks gain more fury in their rampage towards the final destination of the Thraxian capitol?


Battle Report – Dark Angels vs. Nurgle Chaos Marines

September 20, 2013 Posted by cranky

Incident Report: Dark Angels vs Chaos Space Marines 


From: The cubicle of brother Seraphicus, interrogator-chaplain of the Dark Angels, under the command of Grand Master of Chaplains Sapphon (transcribed by servitor X33)

To: Company Master Baradiel, 3rd Battle Company of the Dark Angels (current location: CLASSIFIED)


WH40k Game Day – Campaign on Aggrippa Secundus

March 16, 2013 Posted by cranky

Had our 3rd battle in our campaign for Aggrippa Secundus yesterday at the Seattle Battle Bunker. 1500 points a side, Space Wolves vs. Chaos (Nurgle) once again, but this time the forces of Chaos had 500 points of allies in the form of Imperial Guard (traitors!) in a 1500 point total per side game. Very interesting game with a few twists and turns, particularly when the Chaos Lord and the Leman Russ showed up on the battlefield! Some pictures posted below of the battle, more details on the campaign to be posted on the forums, coming soon.


Plague Marine Painting Tutorial

November 26, 2012 Posted by cranky

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything about painting Plague Marines the “Cranky Way”, but I received a request to describe how I do it, and not wanting to let a fellow gamer (and Nurgle follower!) down, I thought I’d put pen to paper to describe how it’s done. At some point I’ll do this with pictures and commentary to really show the techniques, but suffice it to say, that in general, if you follow this formula, you’ll have Plague Marines that look pretty close to mine.

So here goes…


“Mr. Skull-Head” Plague Marine Tutorial

October 28, 2012 Posted by cranky


So I was getting worried that I’ve now got a lot of plague marines for my Chaos Marines army, and of all the custom marines I made (non-Forgeworld torso ones) might be starting to look a little too similar to one another. I also was looking at other plague marines on the net, and seeing on the GW models that some of them have parts that are in full decay. A lot of my plagues have pallid flesh where flesh is exposed, but not a lot of actual “rot”, especially on the face area – for instance, they still looked “human”, even though they were slightly decayed. I was thinking, need to get some plagues that are in full-blown decay mode. So I decided to try to get creative…