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Battle Report – 40k 7th Edition first look – Tyranids

June 4, 2014 Posted by cranky

Well 7th edition of 40k has been released recently and the 40k community and the internets have all been abuzz with the update – what works, what doesn’t work, and how it’s going to impact the meta. I’m excited about the changes and as a big fan of 6th I was looking forward to seeing what 7th was all about. However, being recently in a hobby rut and needing some inspiration to get my 40k back on, my good friend Chris and I agreed to give the new 7th edition rules a whirl and see what all the hubub is about. We did a small game to test the rules and to get our Tyranid on – check out the battle report!


Nurgle Sorcerer, Part Deux

December 23, 2012 Posted by cranky

So I’ve been in my dungeon, er.. man cave.. er.. “shop”, yeah yeah, that’s it… quite a bit during this holiday vacation of mine and getting a lot of work done. Which is awesome. I’ve been getting to a lot of those projects that have been sitting around for a long time needing attention, especially painting, and finally starting to get somewhere with them. Another one is a 2nd Chaos Nurgle Space Marine Sorcerer that I banged out a while ago out of just spare bits I had laying around. The goal was to create something that was super-cool but where I didn’t have to go shell out money or get special bits to make, just stuff I had laying around. This is the guy I came up with. He’s been built for a while, not I’ve finally finished painting him.


Kit-bashed Chaos Marine Nurgle Sorcerer out of random chaosy bits…

September 5, 2012 Posted by cranky

chaos nurgle sorcerer

I’m in the process for getting ready for a big Apocalypse battle in October, and just rounding out the rest of my Nurgle force for depth and breadth of forces I can bring to bear, and got inspired to create a Nurgle sorcerer. I recently completed the ForgeWorld “Necrosius” miniature and loved it. I wanted to see if I could create something that looked good with just left-over bits I had laying around (and brother do I have a lot of Chaos bits laying around at this point). So I took up bits, hobby knife, and green stuff, and went to work. He’s not 100% done (there’s a few odds and ends I want to add to him), but he’s overall looking pretty good so far I think. More pictures below…


Nurgle Sorcerer

August 19, 2012 Posted by cranky

nurgle sorcerer

Finished with my 5th squad of 10 Nurgle Plague Marines. This guy seems to be the stand-out of that painting batch – the ForgeWorld Nurgle Sorcerer. I believe his name is “Necrosius” out of the Siege of Vraks campaign books Imperial Armour 7 – The Siege of Vraks III). Any which way, he looks pretty hard core, and I’m really happy how the paint job came out. I himmed and hawed on this guy for a while, not wanting to paint him – not sure why, but pretty pleased with the results.