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Apocalypse Battles! 9/28/2013

September 28, 2013 Posted by cranky


I had the opportunity to watch a local gaming group (Neighborhood Waagh! on Facebook) hold a couple of Apocalypse battles here in Seattle this last weekend. I must say that it was pretty impressive! 8000 points a side, and one custom gaming table, bringing my son along (although he found a buddy playing iPad and immediately got sucked into watching the games he was playing). It was fun to watch a few hours of battle unfold for these guys. I’ve posted some pics of the two concurrent tables playing their battles.


WH40k Game Day – Campaign on Aggrippa Secundus

March 16, 2013 Posted by cranky

Had our 3rd battle in our campaign for Aggrippa Secundus yesterday at the Seattle Battle Bunker. 1500 points a side, Space Wolves vs. Chaos (Nurgle) once again, but this time the forces of Chaos had 500 points of allies in the form of Imperial Guard (traitors!) in a 1500 point total per side game. Very interesting game with a few twists and turns, particularly when the Chaos Lord and the Leman Russ showed up on the battlefield! Some pictures posted below of the battle, more details on the campaign to be posted on the forums, coming soon.


WH40k Game 2/1/2013 – Pictures!

February 16, 2013 Posted by cranky

Finally getting around to posting some pictures from a game day on Feb. 1st, 2013. Space Wolves vs. Chaos Space Marines (Nurgle) in the 2nd episode of the Agrippa Secundus Campaign. 1500 points per side with special rules (coming soon). These pics will (in the future) show up in the forums as part of an ongoing “Campaign” thread where we keep track of the story through pictures and battle reports of the conflict on the world Agrippa Secundus. I’m posting the pics here as it was a great game and we had special rules we used for the scenario, which will again show up at some point in the future in the campaign thread. Space Wolves carried the day in this 2nd installment of the campaign.


Game day picture – Caption Contest!

November 23, 2012 Posted by cranky

Had a great game day today with one of my regular sparring partners Marc and we had big fun with Space Wolves vs. Nurgle, 1250 points. Special rules were “no vehicles” – we agreed to try no vehicle lists. Dreadnoughts/walkers were allowed but neither of us took them. It was a great back and forth game, and Space Wolves ended up victorious. Highlights included the last turn of the game and the last Plague Marine, about to be charged by a Grey Hunter squad with a fist, did overwatch fire with his plasma gun, and died on a Gets Hot! roll. Brilliant! Other highlights include the picture below…


Battle Report pictures – 1200 points Space Wolves vs. Chaos

September 28, 2012 Posted by cranky

Had a great game of 40k with my regular sparring buddy on Friday. We’re getting much more comfortable with 6th edition rules and we figured we’d try a small battle of 1200 points today. The battle was a ton of fun. We played the scourge mission with 6 objectives, all of varying points. 1 point went to first blood (first unit killed), 1 point to whoever killed the opposing warlord, and 1 for linebreaker (in enemy deployment zone). Fast attack counted as troops (only 1 unit in this game – Space Wolf Thunderwolf Cav). Some pictures below of the battle with short descriptions. All in all a very enjoyable and hard fought battle.