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Warhammer 40k 6th edition – first game

July 1, 2012 Posted by cranky

I played my first game of Warhammer 40k 6th Edition with my friends John and Craig on July 1st. I’m sure we got a few rules wrong, and with a lot of distractions in the house it wasn’t conducive to a deep dive of the rules, but it was a good experience and we learned a lot. My friend Craig snapped a few pictures during the session. John brought his Raven Guard Marines with Grey Knights allies, and I played my Hive Fleet Damocles Tyranid army. We did 2000 points, and the idea was to pick several different units that highlighted what we felt (from trolling all the rumor boards) to be rules that either changed or would highlight specific units. We weren’t disappointed. In the end the Marine force won by a significant margin. Some pictures below and some of the story.


Tyranid Ripper Swarms

April 29, 2012 Posted by cranky

So these are the last guys I’ve had sitting on my painting table during the winter while I waited for the weather to warm up so I didn’t get the dreaded “fogging” on my clear coating spray. I’m happy to say I’ve finished painting up all my ripper swarms (all 9 of them) and I LOVE ‘EM! I actually don’t normally like putting together or painting units like these up, but I gotta say, seeing all these guys lining up makes me want to ensure they’re in my next bug list, just for extra-super-little-gribbly power!


Trygons painted (finally!)

April 25, 2012 Posted by cranky

Finally got my Tyranid trygons painted, phew! I’ve been working on assembling my Nurgle Chaos marines for the last 6 months, and these guys have been sitting on my painting bench for that amount of time, half-finished. Glad to say they’re finally done (well, all except for the clear-coat that is).


Tyranid Biovores

December 3, 2011 Posted by cranky

So I set out on a journey to create Biovores.  I originally did not like them – I wanted a purely close combat army that shredded everything in hand to hand.  I didn’t want any goofy “gun-beasts” or odd bio-artillery mucking up my perfectly concocted “slashy bug death” list.  Well, turns out that list can be made, but not always very effective.  I loosened up a bit and decided to go ahead and start considering more gun-beasts (like Hive Guard and Biovores). (more…)

Tyranid Carnifex

October 15, 2011 Posted by cranky

The mighty Carnifex – that big bruiser on the Tyranid list that is renowned for being the tough wrecking ball. Not quite as mighty as it was in 4th edition, but still a big gribbly to be reckoned with. I put together 3 Carnifexes lately – all of the “screamer killer” variety. Some day I’ll figure out how to magnetize so they won’t be stuck with a fixed cofiguration – but for now, the tried-and-true variant is a good addition to any big game or Apocalypse battle. (more…)