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Nurgle Land Raider painting progress

April 8, 2013 Posted by cranky

Been working on my Nurgle Land Raiders now since my March hobby challenge and making some great progress. The painting is really coming along, they’re actually starting to look like real tanks. I’ve taken some pics with my new iPhone and posted them here. Still a little ways to go, but now fully into the “detailing” stage now that all the blacklining is done on all the parts that will be base colored in rusted metal.


Nurgle Land Raider progress

March 29, 2013 Posted by cranky

Making more progress on my Nurgle Land Raiders! Very inspired lately to paint/finish my Nurgle vehicles. Made some great progress last night in getting the washes and highlighting done on the hulls of my Land Raiders, pics below! Still a fair ways to go on these guys but having the base coating all done just leaves me to doing the details, which I’m interested to see how it goes as these really are my first WH40k vehicles I’ve ever painted. Wish me luck!


Nurgle Land Raider #1 WIP

January 4, 2013 Posted by cranky

I love rescue missions. I just picked this one up as I am finished with my last batch of painting (obliterators – done! I Promise pictures soon…). This is a Land Raider that Marc picked up for me from Craigslist (he got one for himself too – it was a two-fer deal). It came already assembled – and rather poorly. Parts didn’t line up great, a little beat up, but the worst was – the “paint job”. I don’t have a picture handy, but I recall seeing on on Craigslist. It was bad. Like psychodelic disco clown bad. Yeah. Marc is a hero by stripping the paint, cleaning it up, and priming it gray. It was built as a vanilla Land Raider, and has been sitting in my collection oh let’s say 6 months or so, and as I mentioned above, since I’m between painting projects, I thought I’d take some time to Chaos/Nurgle/Bling it up.


Predator turrets magnetized!

August 24, 2012 Posted by cranky

predator turret magnetized

Finally got around to assembling my 2x predator turrets and magnetizing them this morning – it was a snap! It took about 1 hour per turret from sprue to finished product, including turret base with ammo can on back, and 2x gun barrels, including 1 twin-linked lascannon and 1 autocanno gun barrel. It couldn’t have been easier actually. I think the sponsons will be more tricky. In the end I’m hoping all this time investment to make things interchangable on my Nurgle army will pay off. Close-up picture below.


On the Nurglification of Rhinos…

August 23, 2012 Posted by cranky

chaos nurgle rhino

Ah, my much neglected Rhinos. How happy you are to sit in the box of half-finished Chaos Marines model projects, languishing there for your day in the sun. Too long have you set there, being complete in your utiltarian-ness, not seeing being put rightfully in your place of honor amongst the completed (not to mention painted!) models of Cranky’s Plague Marine Warband. To you sirs, I say your day has come!