The Siege of Thrax Campaign – Episode 1 Battle Reports



The campaign begins for the Siege of Thrax – Episode 1 of 5 begins the campaign with forces gathering to protect the Hive City Thrax Primaris, and the forces of Ruin gathering their might and their allies to lay waste to Thrax and free The Dreaming Daemon Lord, Zarandramelex. For aeons he has slumbered beneath the ground and now the hive city built upon his entombed sleeping chamber. As the forces gather, see below how the distress calls have been aswered as the forces of Chaos and their Ork allies descend upon the planet Thrax. Below are the first stages of what history will recount as an Apocalyptic battle for the fate of the Thrax system…


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Battle Report 1 Picture Gallery

Dark Angels vs. Orks (Waagh Red Tide)

Orks 5, Dark Angels 1

As dawn breaks the belching smoke from the Ork warband breaks the silence on the outskirts of a satellite city of Thrax Primaris Hive. The Ork warboss surveys the landscape and sees the entrenched Dark Angels forces ready to defend the outskirts, long enough to delay their advance inward towards Thrax Primaris. The battle ensues and is dearly fought but lost by the Dark Angels, who incurred severe casualties. An unfortunate warp accident that caused the loss of a mission-critical Terminator squad may have swung the battle in this desperate defense to slow the advance of the Red Tide Waagh.

Battle Report 2 Picture Gallery

Imperial Guard vs. Chaos Space Marines (Nurgle)

Chaos Space Marines (Nurgle) 13, Imperial Guard 8

The advance forces of the Death Guard rumble through the ruin of Thrax Minimus, the abandoned chem factory long since swallowed by the Desert of Black Tears. The forces of the Imperial Guard Hephaiston 66th were on recon patrol and had detected the traitor marines. The 66th opened fire and began creating casualties, but began to recoil in horror as the enemy, seemingly impervious to all but the biggest of their guns, continued to advance and decimate their ranks. The pictographs below and the vox transcripts linked above recount the only surviving records of the decimation of the advance force of the Hephaiston 66th. Needless to say the Hephaiston 66th performed valiantly and severely blunted the advance of the traitorous forces.

Battle Report 3 Picture Gallery

Salamanders Space Marines vs. Chaos Space Marines

Salamanders 7, Chaos Space Marines 1

The traitorous forces of The Unchained attempt to destroy a munitions depot outside of Thrax Primaris. The beginning stages of the battle go well for the Chaos Space Marines, but the tide turns as the left flank of the assault is turned by the glorious forces of the Salamanders Space Marines chapter. The forces of Chaos vow their revenge as the survivors make their tactical retreat, all the while the forces of the Salamanders regroup back at their depot and make rites to consecrate their glorious victory.

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