The Story of “Lumpy”: A Rotten Inspiration for a Nurgle Daemon Prince Conversion


One night not too long ago, while I was painting some Warmachine Khador infantry, I got suddenly inspired to get back to my love of the 40k Nurgle CSM / Daemons faction. I had lots of bits recently sorted and recently purchased some FB Vargheists for some CSM Spawn conversion, and the wings were super cool and rotted looking. I had bought some bits to build a Tzeentch Daemon Prince as well (one of my many back burner projects… oy…) and then a flash of inspiration hit me. What followed was a marathon night of converting and building into the wee hours…


One night while I was hobbying and painting some infantry for my Khador force while I was getting ready for LVO this year, I got hit with a bolt of inspiration. I think I was listening to the Independent Characters Podcast (as I frequently do when I’m hobbying), and they were discussing Imperial Armor 13, and I got really inpsired to make another Nurgle Deamon prince. I had a vision just pop into my head, and I got laser-focused and just had to make this creation that had consumed my hobby mind. I set about getting all my bits together that could accomplish this task. Another part of this was, and wanting to self-limit – I had to make it out of parts I had on-hand. I have plenty of cool bits, so this wasn’t going to be a problem, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t stall or try to get super-fancy by going to eBay and getting “just the right bit” – I wanted to do it with the tools available. So I set about pulling from my big pile of bits that I poured out on my hobby desk and went at it. I just pulled bits out of the pile as the spirit moved me. I ended up using the following bits, not be design, but just from what happened to “go with the model at the time of creation”.

Here’s the bits I ended up using for this:

  • Deamon prince kit torso front (either)
  • Deamon prince kit legs
  • Deamon prince Kit feet
  • Chaos vehicle turret ammo box (either, and not 100% required – just ballast)
  • Dark Eldar Talos pain engine whip arm
  • Suitable barrel for back
  • Chaos Forgefiend Magma cutters
  • Nurgle Plague Drone rot probiscus head
  • Fantasy Battles Vargheist wings
  • Deamon Prince kit left arm (open hand)
  • Chaos vehicle combi-flamer bit
  • Heldrake leg pauldron
  • Nagash kit spines
  • Deamon Prince kit right arm with axe
  • Thick plasticard (for blade)
  • Pewter or plastic Chaos vehicle Nurgle symbol
  • Chaos Spawn spider arm bit
  • Chaos Terminator Lord Chaos Star rock formation
  • Chaos vehicle sprue turret ring defense spikes
  • Cork board
  • Sand / ballast for base
  • 60mm Monstrous Creature base

Over the nights I started building him, his characters started taking shape. I posted progress pics to my Facebook feed and eventually dubbed him “Lumpy”, and the name stuck.

Here’s the shots in order of progress of making “Lumpy”. I hope you enjoy them!

I started with a standard kit Daemon Prince body. I glued the legs to the front torso part. I didn’t have a back torso part for whatever reason – I had to get creative.

I have several of the back of turret ammo holders for a Predator tank – I used that as space filler and a place to adhere green stuff to – I knew I was going to do a lot of rotted build up to make this guy whole, and my emerging philosophy was that I was going to “build this guy with the parts that I had”…

I grabbed a mechano-tenticle arm I had from a Talos pain engine. I got these orginally for my Nurgle heldrake conversions and had a few extra laying around…

Added the tail…

Well what’s this? A resin drum I had ordered many moons ago. I think it’s either Maxmini or Kromlech – not 100% sure – surely a Nurgle Daemon Prince needs a tankard of foulness on his back?….


Well these guys are the magma cutters from a Chaos Forgefiend. I got these for conversion bits for my Heldrakes again but never used them. I think they might be cool warp manifestations of Chaos Marine backpack vents, all twisted by aeons in the warp…


Shot from the front with the newly attached mechano-something-or-others…

Gotta fill those gaps in the body somehow – a Possessed leg that I’ll never use…

Build up the body with green stuff. At this point it’s just filler – an application of green stuff later will cover, and be all nurglified…

Same on the other side…. just building up the body.

Hmmm… what’s this? This guy will need a head of course…

Attached the Nurgle Plague Drone head (the rot proboscis version)…

Other side…

Dude’s gotta fly, so let’s give him so awesome tattered wings. From the Vargheist kit in the Fantasy range.


Side view. See that pile of bits in the back – that’s the pile I’m working from.

Other side view…

Gonna need some arms…

I have a vision for this arm – but gonna need to carve it up…

Cut at all the joints so I can reposition it.

Make the arm look like it’s being held at length…

Flamer-y goodness? Yes please? A warp-mutated arm ending in a nasty flamer of bile and flaming pus sounds about the right speed for this dude.

All pinned and connected now.

And attached to the body.

Another shot of it attached to the body, from the other side.

And from the front. He’s starting to take shape now. I had this picture in my head, and he’s more or less coming together the way I expected him to.

Looking down the barrel of the pus gun… and the gauntlet piece there I’m about to attach to hide the join between the arm and the combi-flamer bit is a piece from the Heldrake kit – I think a part that is part of the wing or something.

With the “gauntlet” part attached.

Most of the structural bits are on now, so I start the long process of Nurgle-green-stuffing the body. Note the spine part below the tank – that’s a spine bit from the newly released “End Times” Nagash kit, cut to fit in the area.

The front and the neck getting the green stuff treatment. I’m going for a highly rotted / open sores look.

The detail in the arm and guts area. Gotta have the rotting / putrescent guts hanging down, right?

The other side. I tried to get an effect where the join between the arm and the shoulder had seen a lot of folds and rot putrescence from the rubbing between folds.

Detail of the green stuff on the back of the left pus gun arm.

So this guy is pretty beefcake, so he’s going to need a beefy weapon. I got the idea of a giant meat-cleaver type weapon so I went to work. I start with the Deamon Prince kit right arm holding a long axe. I carve a suitably big thick blade out of plastic card stock that will eventually take the place of the blade on the existing haft of the weapon.

A close-up of the “blade” I carved out of plastic card stock. It’s pretty thick stock, about the same width of the blade I’m going to cut out. I make sure to put plenty of notches and dings in the blade, including some pits that I made with a pin vice.

I cut out the blade of the existing arm carefully with a sharp X-Acto knife. I cut the space between the skulls on either side too to give the blade something to “nestle” into.

Another picture of the ‘notch’ I carved out of the haft of the weapon.

I glue the heavy blade into place and use a bit of green stuff to solidify the bond, as well as make some crusty grody stuff that can be oozing when it’s painted. I also glue a metal symbol of Nurgle (same as plastic one that comes with Chaos vehicle kits) onto the blade to show his alegiance to Papa Nurgle.

The finished arm, with green stuff built up to simulate a really beafy mitt holding that massive axe/meat cleaver.

I do a fair bit of green stuff work on the arm to make it look beefier and sorta “turtle” like, his limbs will be kinda beefier near the ends, which gives me an idea for his legs… At this point I haven’t attached the meat cleaver arm yet, just looking at it for size and what angle to eventually attach it.

I similarly build up his legs with green stuff, to simulate thick stumpy limbs. I also prep a “spidery” hand looking thing, a bit that came from the Chaos Spawn kit, for the fingers forming off the pus gun.

Attached the spider fingers there. I think that strikes the right balance of meanacing and creepy.

Building up the arm around the pus gun with green stuff.

The arm with the pus gun, with open raw flesh and rotted parts holding onto the pus gun. Ewww.

More detail around the rotten flesh holding the pus gun in place.

I carve the symbols off the shoulder of the arm, I think it will look better without them…

The cleaned-up arm…

And with the arm pinned and attached! I also got to work finishing the guts area. Some nice entrails poking through some open holes in the gut skin. Delicious.

Finishing some of the detail green stuff work around the join of the flesh and the pus gun.

Final detail of the pus gun arm.

And of course we have to have a suitably epic base for this dude. I made a nice custom base for this guy. Normal 60mm round base, with the Chaos Star Rock formation that you get in the Chaos Terminator Lord kit. A turret defensive spike half circle from the Chaos Vehicle accessory sprue, and some cork for good measure. Glue sand on the rest of the base for rocky contrast.

Building a custom base for this guy. Close up of the base.

Attached to the base.

Side view.

Back view.

Left side view.

Front view, looking down the barrel of the pus gun.

Lumpy the Nurgle Daemon Prince, in all his glory!

Close up of that beef cake arm.

Right back quarter view.

Give us a kiss…

Ready for paint and then the battle field!

Well I hope you enjoyed this step by step of my descent into the madness of inspiration of creating this Daemon Prince. I rarely get so inspired but I had this drive to create, and I’m very happy with the results. I think I lost track of time, and mostly I got the parts put together one night, and then the green stuffing happened over say a week of successive nights of doing a little bit at a time.

Thanks for taking a look, and any and all comments/critiques welcome!


  1. A fantastic conversion. Being new to your forum and to modeling I really appreciate you taking the time to detail every stage. I used your obliterators guide to create my first greenstuff conversion and it turned out pretty good! Afraid to paint it though – will need much more practice.

  2. Thank you – I really appreciate it! I’d love to see pictures of your work. I’m glad you found the tutorials useful.

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