Tyranid Barbed Heirodule!

Well then. My blogging on hobby and gaming related stuff has started to follow the pattern of this little gem of my collection – a little too long in the updating! I bought this Tyranid Barbed Heirodule in a Forgeworld purchase WAAAY back in mid 2011. It’s been sitting in it’s package, untouched, in my hobby projects box for over 3 years. 3. YEARS. I finally decided to get around to working on this, after I’d put together a large amount of my Tyranids, took a 2-year hiatus to focus solely on Nurlge CSM’s. I’m as of December of last year working on ‘nids again, and I decided it was time to get this guy put together and completed – once and for all! So he’s been in the workshop for a month or so and I’m proud to say that I now am playing with the big boys with my ‘nids now by having a Gargantuan Creature that I can field with my swarm.

Below are some in-progress shots of my lastest ‘nid creation. Let me know what you think – comments and constructive criticism welcome!

Super low-tech rotation video!

The parts from Forgeworld, sprue flash carved off and cleaned in hot soapy water.

Assembly complete – this guy is actually remarkably easy to assemble. I pinned the arms and legs – they’re pretty beefy.

Painting progress well into the process.

Another shot of painting progress.

Top view of painting progress. These pictures are actually a misnomer as I didn’t glue the critter to the base until after I was done painting and sealing. He’s just sitting in the base unglued for pretty picture purposes.

And here’s the finished product from a couple of different angles!

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