Tyranid Harpy Conversion

I’ve been meaning to kit-bash a Tyranid Harpy for some time, and I’ve finally gotten around to doing it. I’ve gotten the beasty assembled and primed, and wanted to share the photos I’ve taken of her. She’s a pretty interesting beast – I put her together from a couple of different sources, including a 3rd Edition Hive Tyrant (body), Lord of the Rings Balrog wings (plastic wings), heavy venom cannons kit-bashed from Tyranid Warrior Scything Talon arms with the Venom Cannons pinned to the ends (arms), and medium Scything Talons from a Trygon kit.

There’s a little bit of green stuff conversion work in there too, particularly on the muscular cords on her neck and a little bit of custom armor plating where the neck meets the shoulder. I wanted her neck to be fairly serpentine in nature, I think it turned out pretty well. Oh, and the neck itself? It’s a bit of a Hive Tyrant Lash Whip from ChapterHouse Studios. See if you can pick it out.

The model sits atop a 60mm base with a fair amount of rocks created from a HirstArts mold and dental grade paster. I drilled one of those rocks and used a fairly stout framing nail as the post holding the ol’ girl up, she looks sorta like she’s in a “flying low / strafing” dynamic.

Front quarter view, can see the whole model.

Side view, can see some of the neck detail.

Closer side view, with better neck detail showing.

Front view. Hive Tyrant head looking a little aged, but hey, it was free! Note it looks like it has some old paint – because it did. I stripped it long before and used it in the conversion.

Front quarter closeup.

Top view. You can really see the Balrog wing scale here. The wing span is pretty massive.

Another closeup of neck view.

Rear quarter view.

Base detail, as seen from top/behind.

Right side view.

Closer up of neck view again. I used many, many extra armor plates off the Tyranid Warrior sprue to make that neck.

From below & front quarter. You can see the detail of the wing joint, modeled from green stuff.

All primed and ready for painting.

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