Tyranid Zoanthropes

Got my Zoanthropes done. I have a total of 6 of these dudes now. I find them great on a lot of levels, if only for pure frustration / aggravation of my opponent! That 3+ warp field save is pretty hard to get through. They pack a very good punch and I find them in every bug list I’ve played to-date. These guys are slightly converted. I built up the base to have rubble and/or rocks, as I wasn’t a huge fan of him “surfing a bug tail”. The first set of 3 that I made was the original pewter models.

Let me first say that I love these models. They are beautiful. However, if you’re like me and you’ve tried working with the pewter versions of these models, you’ve realized that these models may be the most difficult models to assemble that you’ve ever tried. The parts don’t fit together very well, they are small and fiddly and hard to pin (and you have to, as they don’t have big connection points on some of them), and there are tremendous gaps that need to be filled once they are assembled. However, it is small price to pay for the beautiful sculpts that you have the pleasure to paint and display.

I used green stuff to make a rock on the base that covered the tail that the Zoey rested on, as well as gave more structural support for the model in general. The 2nd set of 3 Zoeys I put together were Finecast (I LOVE that stuff, so much easier to put together). For these guys I used more rubble, rocks, and ballast to build up the base. I think they all turned out pretty well.

Side view of 2 of my pewter Zoanthropes.

Side view of all of my 3 pewter Zoanthropes.

These are my 3 Finecast Zoanthropes. So much easier to put together (pin) than the metal ones.

3 Finecast Zoanthropes again. These guys have the more “rubble base” instead of the big rock base.

Zoanthropes in action against an Ork army. They proved their mettle well in this battle. Picture taken at Seattle Battle Bunker in Bellevue.

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