Warmachine – first battle report – Khador vs. Convergence

So today I played my first game of Warmachine and it was a hoot! i’m sure we got some of the rules wrong, but I had my good friend Matt walk me through a game of my Khador vs. his Convergence of Cyriss at 11 points a side. We had a great time. In the top of turn 3 he ended up getting a warcaster assassination on my ‘caster Sorcha. The game took us about 45 mins to an hour, but we chalked that up to really not knowing how to play and having to look up most of the rules. Check out the pics below for an abbreviated battle report!

We pick up our stalwart heroes in the thick of battle, as the enemies race head-long at each other for an epic (well maybe small-ish) scale confrontation! This being the first picture I took, was about bottom of turn 2, and I learned that getting your Warjack out of control range from your caster by failing a charge isn’t such a good idea.

Khador warjack Juggernaut charges forward too far! Out of control range.

Juggernaut looks menacingly at the Convergence vector – just missed the charge!

The Man-o-Wars march stoicly down the field.

Man-o-Wars await the swooping in of the Angels.

Brace for charge!

The Clockwork Angels swoop in – but the Man-o-Wars kill only one with their bombard shields.

The juggernaut and the vector trade blows. After this turn the vector broke off from combat, at which time the Juggernaut swung his mighty ice axe and cleaved the vector, nearly lopping off it’s right arm. The vector moved off and shot Sorcha in the back!

Meanwhile, as the vector moves to make a kill shot on Sorcha from the back the Convergence caster sneaks around the other side of the ruin to get a good shot at the Khador caster.

Clockwork angels are out of range for true flight.

All in all a great game – thanks Matt! Definitely be playing some more Warmachine in the future. Now to just get those models painted…

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