WH40k Game 2/1/2013 – Pictures!

Finally getting around to posting some pictures from a game day on Feb. 1st, 2013. Space Wolves vs. Chaos Space Marines (Nurgle) in the 2nd episode of the Agrippa Secundus Campaign. 1500 points per side with special rules (coming soon). These pics will (in the future) show up in the forums as part of an ongoing “Campaign” thread where we keep track of the story through pictures and battle reports of the conflict on the world Agrippa Secundus. I’m posting the pics here as it was a great game and we had special rules we used for the scenario, which will again show up at some point in the future in the campaign thread. Space Wolves carried the day in this 2nd installment of the campaign.

Deployment with Chaos on the left and Space Wolves on the right. The ill-fated cultists in the foreground are about to receive withering frag missile fire from the Long Fangs. The mission called for a few units of Grey Hunters hunkering down in a crater needing to be rescued by their kin as they repel an ambush by Plague Marines and assorted forces.

Grey Hunters here hunkering down (cowering!!!) in the crater, awaiting rescue from their bretheren.

The Long Fangs hanging out in the ruin, ready to blast the cultists to smithereens with their frag missile launchers.

Lone Wolves move up, catching the rotten scent of their prey.

A turn or two into the game, some of the cultists make it up to the ruin and are taking cover as the Grey Hunters, bolstered by the arrival of some of their kinsman, charge violently out of the crater, ready to exact bloody revenge on the cursed followers of Nurgle.

Space Wolves advancing. For Russ and the End Times!

Funny side combat between a Lone Wolf (w/ 2 Fenrisian Wolves) against a heavy bolter/fist Helbrute. The Lone Wolf over a few turns of combat managed to destroy both weapon arms. “Have At You! Tis but a scratch! What are you going to do, BLEED on me?!?!”

A unit of hunkered down Plague Marines dish out a tremendous amount of pain and absorb incredible amounts of fire from the Long Fangs and Grey Hunters. Some Grey Hunters in the distance trying to close ground on the virulent fallen marines.

Another shot of another unit of Grey Hunters, charging another unit of Plague Marines.

Same unit as above – Plague marines fearlessly defending the ruin they are sniping the Long Fangs from.

An obliterator of Nurgle taking aim at a unit of Grey Hunters.

Well, those are the pictures. Hope you enjoyed!

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