Battle Report – Dark Angels vs. Nurgle Chaos Marines

Incident Report: Dark Angels vs Chaos Space Marines 


From: The cubicle of brother Seraphicus, interrogator-chaplain of the Dark Angels, under the command of Grand Master of Chaplains Sapphon (transcribed by servitor X33)

To: Company Master Baradiel, 3rd Battle Company of the Dark Angels (current location: CLASSIFIED)

Brother Baradiel,

The Rock has received reports of xenos raids on Rogue Trader Licensing Outpost of X23-A during the past several months. Our astropaths, under the command of the Grand Master of the Fleet brother Claudius, charted a course to sector Tempestus Prime in order to fend off the raiders and send them back to the warp, never to be seen again.

Upon arrival, we dispatched a consolidation force from the 3rd company composed by the 1st Veterans, the 2nd and 3rd Tactical, the 9th and 10th Devastators and the Land Raider Bene Elhoim, led by brother librarian Turmiel. The force was deployed in the western ruins of the city of Marrek, establishing a line of defense across the entrance of the valley leading to the landing fields of Benhesta where our main forces are currently assembling under your orders for the definitive counterattack.

A powerful force of vile traitor marines was waiting in the shadows to ambush our righteous battle brothers, illuminated by the holy Standard of Devastation. Two obliterators were perched like verminous vultures in the heights of two spidery towers and were most disturbing to our attempt to secure the area.

Three traitorous plagued Rhino transports were equipped with Havok missile launchers that provided a constant cover barrage on our secured positions. Luckily the projectiles proved less than effective on our heavily armoured forces, invigorated by the heroic feats of the Land Raider Bene Elohim.

A retinue of raptors deep striked behind the portable defenses of the 10th Devastator squad led by a Chaos Lord. They were unlucky enough to be in the immediate sensorial range of the machine spirit guiding our automated quad gun, which killed one of them quickly and provided necessary inspiration for the rest of the 10th squad to steel themselves and fight with righteous ardor.

Meanwhile, a putrid stream of plague marines disembarked their traitorous transports and attacked the 1st, 2nd and 3rd squads. However, the Luck of the Lion was not on our side last evening, and the 1st and 3rd squads were almost completely defeated in a horrible hour of inch by inch urban combat.

In the end, the Dark Angels detachment managed to hold off the beachhead, but suffered heavy losses. Only brother Sicinius survived the onslaught of the 3rd tactical squad by the hands of filthy plague marines, while the relentless heroics of brother Terentius and his blessed missile launcher  managed to destroy the Chaos lord after his unclean retinue of raptors picked up every valiant member of the 10th devastator squad one by one.

These battle brothers held on their positions and fought off the enemy at the end: sergeant Numerius, brother Raguel, and brother Ariel  of the 9th devastator squad; sergeant Hilaria, brother Tiberius, brother Kasdeja, brother Sandalphon, brother Suetonius, and borther Tiberius of the 2nd tactical squad;

The incantations of our Adeptus Mechanicus tech-priests worked well, as no vehicle succumbed and  the Land Raider “Bene Elhoim” laid waste to many vile enemies.

A deserved oath of remembrance goes to the commander of this detachment, brother librarian Turmiel. His warp charges proved deadly in close combat, but even he was seriously wounded by an overwhelming number of plagued attackers and had to be recovered by our apothecaries in critical conditions.

I respectfully recommend to bolster our artillery capabilities and support from other companies. While I understand that the Deathwing and Ravenwing companies are otherwise engaged in secret missions under orders of the Grand Master of the Dark Angels brother Azrael, I humbly request increased assistance for our operations on Behnesta.

For the Lion,

Brother Seraphicus

And in a sector close-by, a battle between the Raven Guard and Eldar rages in the desert…

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