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My friends John, Scott and Craig recently had the chance to play Deathwatch 40k Role Play (over Skype no less for busy cranky old gamers!) recently. I thought I’d share their game report here on COG for all to see – if you’ve played Deathwatch this might be familiar, but if you’ve never played it (like me), it’s an interesting overview of some of the ideas and mechanics behind the game. Enjoy!

The characters were Pyrael, a Salamander Apothecary, who is very skilled with flamers, played by Craig, and Sarik, a White Scars Librarian played by Scott. Sarik is functioning as kill team leader.

Mission Debrief

Deathwatch File – Coded AX5423YA1534C234

Transcribed by Inquisitorial Servitor G23


Mission as Detailed by Watch Captain Mathias to Kill Team Epsilon


The world of Rheelas lies within the Canis Salient, just beyond the edge of the Iron Collar and the Well of Night.  A loyal Imperial mining world, its citizens rejoiced when the Achilles Crusade stormed the Jericho Reach, and welcomed them back into the Imperium.  It was short lived, however.  Lord Commander Ebongrave suspected Tau sympathizers and seditionists among the population, and sanctioned the planet.  He then declared it fully quarantined, all space ports were blockaded and the system was closed to trade.  Warmaster Tetrachus accepted the Lord Commander’s suspicion that the Tau could use Rheelas to establish a second front.

The blockade lasted for many years, and then a full scale uprising erupted on the planet, resulting in the capture of several orbital installations by the traitors.  Imperial Guard units (the 23rd Necromundan and 14th Mordian) were dispatched, along with forces from several marine chapters.  Rheelas is possessed of an unstable planetary crust, so the vast majority of its cities are floating hive cities. Imperial forces sunk many of these cities, including Hellsmark, which had been a center of the fighting.

Survivors of Hellsmark dives into the city to salvage mining equipment, and discovered that upon its collapse, the city had struck through the sea floor and into a series of ancient tunnels and ruins.  The few miners that returned to the surface reported seeing things sleeping in the caves, and Xenos machinery.  Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Hoath and his retinue, already in the region investigating Tau seditionist, elected to investigate.

Contact has since been lost with Inquisitor Hoath.  His final message indicated that he was descending into the city, and had found something troubling, and requested Deathwatch assistance.


Mission Objectives

  1. Reach Rheelas

  2. Cross the blockade

  3. Find the location of the sunken city of Hellsmark

  4. Find a way to descend to the sea floor several kilometers below the surface

  5. Locate the inquisitor

  6. Contain or neutralize what the inquisitor has discovered.


Mission Advisory

Lord Ebongrave is no friend to the Deathwatch.  Expect no support from imperial forces operating in the area, and the blockade will treat any intervening Deathwatch assets as hostile.

Requisition – You have 35 requisition points for gear and equipment.

You will leave as soon as you select your leader, your oath and arm yourselves.  Ask your questions of the servitors if you require any additional information.  The Emperor Protects.


Mission Preparation


  • Chain Sword (5)

  • Multikey (15)

  • Naval Support (15)

  • Missile Launcher (10)

  • Cartograph (5)

  • Scanner (12)

  • Arsartes Harness (4*2) (+30 to climbing tests)


Oath – Oath of Knowledge

Mission Overview

  • Shuttle flight to Hellsmark

  • Upper spires visible

  • Can’t land shuttle, climb off to enter spire (harness saves Pyrael from falling)

  • Found bodies

  • Tracking blood/footprints

  • Heavy footprints found, look to be moving quickly (bare feet)

  • Automated beacon message – Corrupted beings, variable “engineering” done on them for close combat

  • Deeper into the structure, discover sealed bulkhead, have to detour around it

  • Discover tunnel into the depths (using Cartograph)

  • Encounter three ‘blips’ coming down a side passage–combat!

    • Two hulking humans, with alien implants and various tendrils

    • Appear to be “converted” miners

    • Additional even larger hulk appears, with rotary cannon

  • Pyrael took up a position further down the tunnel.  Sarik covered him from the starting position.  Both entered overwatch, gazing down the tunnel.

  • The overwatch was triggered when the horrible alien constructs lurched into few.  After the first two entered the field of vision, Sarik channeled the power of the warp, and blasted the lead hulk apart.  The second miraculously dodged Pyrael’s heavy flamer blast, entering into hand to hand.

  • The masssive brute slowly advanced, firing on Sarik with his rotary cannon, a hail of fire bounced off Sarik’s power armour, but one lucky shot blew through the armour on his right armour!

  • Pyrael drew his chainsword and battled the first hulk.  They began to trade blows.  Sarik fired his bolter into the melee.

  • The huge hulk continued to advance, and fired a powerful cutting torch blast at Sarik.  It was blocked by a combination of his armour and the metal girders he was behind.

  • The smaller hulk was slain!  I don’t remember how!

  • Pyrael dueled the large hulk.  It unsheathed a massive collection of hinged, razor sharp blades.  In one fluid motion, it caught Pyrael in the head, heavily wounding him!

  • Sarik charged in to help Pyrael.  Pyrael and Sarik traded blows with the hulk.

  • The hulk hit Sarik with a massive blow on his right leg, easily shearing the power armour!  Sarik’s leg was broken!

  • Pyrael answered, severing the monster’s leg with his chainsword!  The battle ended!

  • Pyrael attended to the kill team’s wounds, and they planned their next move…

Mission notes: Sarik (Scott)

Make better use of powers. Be more aggressive: Should have followed through with the order to grenade unknowns given environment. Might be able to make better use of solo action to half move after attack.

Good pick of equipment: Without scanner we would have been ambushed, which could have easily killed both of us. Firing into hth not as deadly as believed, harder to hit but no friendly fire. Might work to our advantage in future.

Sarik killed both minons, the latter while firing into hth while Pyrael finished off the hulk after my leg was broken.

Mission notes: (John)

The cartograph was invaluable as well. It seems transparent, but Pyrael’s success with it enabled you to speed your trek through the city structure. And the harness saved Pyrael form what could have been a really bad mission start (deploying from the shuttle).

I need to review the solo tactics and squad tactics, too. I don’t think we were making use of them effectively.

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