My Experience: Las Vegas Open 2015

I finally pulled the trigger and made the commitment about 6 months ago to go to a wargaming tournament and see the spectacle, and I wasn’t disappointed! I recently, this last weekend, had the opportunity to go to the Las Vegas Open (LVO), hosted by Frontline Gaming. What a spectacle and a show! A well run convention / tournament with all kinds of games to be seen. The event was largely dominated by 40k, but many other games were represented, such as Warmachine/Hordes, Ininity, Drop Zone Commander, Malifaux, and more. Below is a chronicle of my (very positive) experience.

I have been planing to go to a tournament, just for the “experience”, for some time now. I consider myself a casual gamer and usually a “fluffy” gamer and hobbyist, but I also like my games to be close and hard fought – that’s part of the fun. I don’t feel like I have to win, but I feel like in order to have “fun”, I need to be “in control of my destiny” for the game – eg: have enough command of the rules and at least have a fledgling understanding of my opponents force in order to make good tactical decisions and not make an ass out of myself.

Around February/March of 2014, I decided I needed to expand my tabletop wargaming horizons and decided to get into Warmachine. I eneded up picking Khador faction, and painted up a nice force just in time for LVO 2015. Before that, I went to Privateer Press’ event Lock and Load in 2014, pictures on my facebook page here. I was still very new to Warmachine at that point and even though I was new, I played about 3 or 4 games there as a total newbie, and had fun (they let me win but helped me learned the rules).

So with that experience, after July of 2014, I decided I wanted to go to a tournament. Remind you that I am a pretty casual gamer, and for the most part I shy way from competitive play . But, I figured, and just like I tell my kids, in order to decide if I like something, “you have to try it”. So I put my money where my mouth is and plunged head-deep into one of the biggest tournament scenes there is for gaming, the Las Vegas Open. I invited my bestie John and to my delight and surprise he agreed to go with me, and we committed to having 50 points of painted Warmachine forces to go to the LVO and “have fun”.