Nurgle Helbrute Conversion Commission

A little while ago I was asked to do another Nurgle conversion commission from my new friend Tobie, and I was excited for the challenge. This was off the heels of creating a Nurgle Rhino hatch with the erupting spine, and he had a need for a Nurgle Helbrute to complete a collection of Helbrutes for each of the four factions of Chaos. I was happy to take on the commission for trade of some painting services, and I’m pleased to say the commission is complete and in the hands of it’s new owner, getting painted up! Check out the pics below to see the green-stuff customization to the basic helbrute kit…

My customer Tobie’s request was to create a custom helbrute, using some green stuff customization, and using some of the bits he sent along to incorporate. Specifically, he was interested in having a central “eye” where the normal head/face would be in the sarcophogus of the helbrute. He also wanted some of the normal Nurgle corruption and corrosion, and the smoke stacks being like Typhus’ stacks, and pendulous, rotted, gut-trailing belly. So after I got done with all my Warmachine painting in prep for 2015 LVO, I got to working in earnest on his conversion.

The first thing I did was set about making the helbrute body. I took some time taking the pre-primed sprues and fitting the parts, keeping in mind that I had to make sure to keep the major parts separate for ease of painting later on, as well as not to forget to get the central “eye” installed. I considered magnetizing the arms, but decided to leave that to my customer in case he decided he did or didn’t want it.

After I assembled the legs and arms chassis, I got busy with the green-stuffing. The first area was the back of the helbrute. He sent along some bits of plastic tubing, and I used that as a central core of the rotted smoke stacks. I glued those in place, then put some green stuff over them, creating the Nurgle-like aesthetic of the stacks, kind of being bony outgrowths out of mutated metal/flesh. The next 4 pictures show some of this work.

The green stuff covering the plastic tubes. The “base” of the tubes is covered with mutated hull transforming into flesh. The bony smokestack tubes then erupting from the rotted flesh.

Another angle, and maybe a clearer picture. You can see the white plastic core of the stacks under the green stuff.

Another shot from opposite angle.

With the torso connected to the leg structures, just to give a sense of how it all goes together.

A much closer pic, showing details of the back conversion.

The next step was to tackle the pendulous rotting gut. The front of the helbrute has a few construction options, but I left the “belly plate” off so that I could create the guts/belly. I use a 3-step process often when I create these “Nurgle guts”. The first step is to lay down a little green stuff as a base, right against the plastic, with a “pocket” where the guts will sort of sit. I make the back of it rough-textured, one to make other GS stick, as well as to give a “rotten meat” base in case any of the upper layers show through to the back. The 2nd layer is to create the ropy guts, kind of in the “pocket” I made in the 1st layer. The 3rd layer is the skin that covers it, often with holes in it so you can see the guts inside as well as the meaty base layer, to give a 3D effect of layers that you can kind of see through in terms of being able to see the stages of decay as it goes through the core of the gut.

Another shot of the rotted guts, and you can also get a good view of that single “eye” in the center of the model.

Front view. That trail of GS below is a hanging gut rope, that will trail behind and kind of tuck in between the legs, to give a sense of motion of the helbrute.

Here’s a shot of the legs. I did a simple Nurglification scheme here of just creating pock marks and corrosion on the shin plates. Simple but effective.

Here’s the pieces put together – the torso and leg pieces, for the “completed” helbrute (sans arms).

Here he is again with him laying down, so you can see all the detail, especially beneath.

The last bit I did for the overall conversion process was to create a plasma cannon arm that was Nurglified. I came up with just using the standard arm that came with the helbrute, a plasma cannon that comes with the kit, and then creating some Nurgle GS work on the shoulder pad. The 3-boil motif in Nurgle formation was desired, so I put that into action here on this piece.

Another angle on the Helbrute arm with Plasma Cannon. I added some holes in one of the pustules to give the “spore pod pustule” aesthetic.

And that’s it! I can’t wait to see what Tobie does with the paint job on this guy – very excited to see this guy come to life. Any comments and feedback welcome! Also – I’ve receieved a few requests to do YouTube videos on how to do this sort of green stuff work. I got those requests as I was finishing this guy up. Next time I do a Nurgle conversion, I’m definitely going to record and post for posterity on the process.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Could you do a step-by-step tutorial on the rotted smoke stacks? They look fantastic!

  2. Thank you! Yeah I really need to get on a green stuff tutorial – I’ve been asked a few times to do some walk-throughs of how I do green stuff. Mostly it’s been learning through trial and error and doing lots of attempts at stuff and finally getting it right. I’ll look into getting a tutorial done soon!

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