Nurgle Obliterators Finished!

Phew! A journed that started many months ago (pretty much a full year ago, to be exact!), I started on the road of making custom, Nurgle-themed obliterators. Back then, in 5th Edition, making “Nurgle” obliterators was purely fluffy (as you couldn’t put Chaos Marks on oblits in that codex). Now that in 6th you can (WOOT!), the finishing of this project is all the more sweet. Now, the painting of these 9 custom obliterators is completed, and I thought it was time to post the final results, with side-by-sides of finished model and painted version.

Obliterator #9

I’d have to say this guy is my favorite. He’s the last one I did, and I think my green stuff & modeling skills improved over the course of making these guys to culminate into this guy. Below (as with each of the 9), I’ll give you the front shot, then a side-by-side of the finished painted product next to the “finished” model, then shots from each side, finished by a shot of him from and angle above.

Obliterator #8

I really like this guy too. When I built him I wasn’t so sure I liked him, but once put together I think he really came together. My favorite part about his is that unlike the others I made, I chose to use the Nurgle trope of guts and rot on his mid-section, even through the cracked armor, and I think it turned out pretty well.

Obliterator #5

When I finished building this guy, I was pretty sure I was going to toss him as a failed experiment. I just wasn’t pleased with the construct – he seemed too bulky and the double-chainsword-powerfist-thingy just seemed to be too wacky. But I think after he was painted he looked like a real champ – the color scheme really pulled him together and his bulk is actually really impressive – I *believe* he’s an obliterator just on his size alone!

Obliterator #6

With this guy, during the course of building all of these oblits, I finally felt like I was getting good at it. I think this guy is close to one of my favorites too – I really like the way he’s got a dynamic pose and he looks like he’s in-action, striding across the battlefield, and he just blasted someone on his left and swinging that huge friggin right arm of his from left to right to acquire another target, and I can see his right arm morphing into a new set of guns as he locks in on the next target to annihilate. If I had one complaint about this guy, he’s a little bit too much of a “clone” of the 4th guy I did; but better-executed (IMHO).

Obliterator #7

When I made this guy I started feeling like I was getting in a rut creative-wise (see Oblit #6, starting to look “the same”, and maybe not “Nurgly” enough), so I went a little crazier on this guy. I went for a scalloped armor approach, as well as a little more decrepit, rotting, and cracked/brooken armor look (particularly on left thigh). It also occurred to me when painting that ‘how cool would it be that the scalloped armor was actually plates that were fused to flesh, and that you could see exposed, raw flesh in between the scales of the plates!??!?’. I think this one again made me feel like the paint job really pulled him together, and stands up there as one of my more favorites. He looks like he’s striding into close combat, getting ready to rake someone with his massive mutated right paw.

Obliterator #4

When I first made this guy I was pretty excited, because he turned out so much better than my 1st or 2nd attempt from a modelling perspective. I think however the paint job brings out a lot of the flaws (that I learned from) in my sculpting work – the flesh on the gun arm had a little too much sharp contrast in the ripples, and such the paint really brings that out. Overall not a bad sculpt or an oblit, but I think this guy at least to me represents that transition from really figuring out how to make these guys into creating a final product that looks really good, and so I appreciate him on that level.

Obliterator #2

Ah, my 2nd obliterator. Wider than he is tall! I actually really ended up liking this guy. He was probably the last one of my builds where I still subscribed to “tuns of guns” approach to an obliterator. I like this guy for what he represents, that 2nd attempt where you took every mistake you made from the 1st and refined the process. One of my favorite things about this guy is the right shoulder pad – the corroded aspect of it really shines as a trope of Nurgle.

Obliterator #3

Ok, Nurgle Obliterator 3. I think this guy represents my first attempt at less is more. My favorite part of this guy is the meltagun morphing out of his palm to do like a Ironman energy blast. I had a lot of fun with this guy and I think the skill level certainly had matured a lot from my previous attempt with Oblit #2.

Obliterator #1

Last but not least, we come to my first attempt at a Nurgle Obliterator. In all fairness, he certainly is my least favorite, but to me he has a certain charm about him. Very much the “tuns of guns” approach and not really 100% knowing what the heck I was doing. My favorite bit about him is that the philosophy for his arms was more “Cthulhu” like (tentacly), which I used in future Oblits as well. Given all the inexperience I had making this guy, I think in the end I’m still happy to put him on the battle field as a proud member of my warband.

Class Picture

Here they all are, arrayed and ready for battle. I’m so happy that the project is done and I learned alot about my modeling abilities and maybe gained some skills along the way. As always, thoughts and constructive criticism always welcome!


  1. Glad to see you finally put these great works up for everyone to see the final product. I have to say these guys inspired me to start my Nurgle part of my chaos forces (already had Khorne and most of my Tzeentch forces done).

    I sent an e-mail to ya awhile ago, asking your opinion of how you would incorporate the legs from the forgefiend/maulerfiend model into a set of Nurgle-y obliterators. As of right now I plan on using some green-stuff beefed up terminator bodies, but they might be too small for the legs. Any ideas?

  2. I think forgefiend / maulerfiend legs would be quite big for an obliterator. I definitely used green stuffed terminator torsos on mine, as well as beefed up terminator legs from the AOBR kit. I think the Maulerfiend while having some nicely sculpted parts is just too out of scale. Have you considered Ork MegaNob legs with some fleshy greenstuff hanging off of them? That might work nicely. Probably a lot less green stuff needed than building up a set of terminator legs too.

  3. Also, thinking more about it, and if you’re not opposed to competitor bits, the stuff from Kromlech is beautiful… you might want to consider “Klanking Destroyer” legs:

    I’ll think about other alternatives and post as I think of them.

  4. Cranky, those things are awesome! Well done! You could also check out Robogear. They make some very affordable models that are great for bits like guns and walker legs and jet engines. A single kit, though not super detailed, is only about $10.

  5. Great lead on Robogear – thanks for the tip!

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