Tyranid Biovores

So I set out on a journey to create Biovores.  I originally did not like them – I wanted a purely close combat army that shredded everything in hand to hand.  I didn’t want any goofy “gun-beasts” or odd bio-artillery mucking up my perfectly concocted “slashy bug death” list.  Well, turns out that list can be made, but not always very effective.  I loosened up a bit and decided to go ahead and start considering more gun-beasts (like Hive Guard and Biovores).

So that lead me to what to do about Biovores.  It’s pretty well established with just about everyone I talk to, the internets, and my own personal opinion, that the current Biovore models (past and present even), are just ugly.  There’s no denying it.  They just don’t look good.  And I play the game for many reasons, and one of the bigger reasons is aestetics, I just like the models to look good.  So I wasn’t about to field those in their current incarnations.  So I took the plunge to make my own.  I may write a tutorial on these at some point, but for now here’s the progression from raw parts to painted model.  In concept, here are how they are created:

  • Tyranid warrior, with bobbed tail
  • Carnifex Stranglethorn cannon for the Spore Mine launcher
  • Carnifex scything tail bit for the “back” of the cannon
  • Carnifex spikey bit for the “horn” spike on the Biovore’s head
  • Tyranid Warrior large extra armor plate to cover up sides of the Stranglethorn cannon
  • Tyranid warrior large scything talon arms for the front arms (with talon parts cut off)
  • Tyranid warrior rending claw hands for the hands
  • Genestealer scything talons for middle arms (I see these as “digger arms” that dig in to help stabilize the critter during spore mine launching).


That’s basically the idea.  Below you can see how they are assembled and the final product.  I have 6 of these beasts right now, maybe some day I’ll make a few more so I can have a full compliment if / when I need them.

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