Tyranid Ripper Swarms

So these are the last guys I’ve had sitting on my painting table during the winter while I waited for the weather to warm up so I didn’t get the dreaded “fogging” on my clear coating spray. I’m happy to say I’ve finished painting up all my ripper swarms (all 9 of them) and I LOVE ‘EM! I actually don’t normally like putting together or painting units like these up, but I gotta say, seeing all these guys lining up makes me want to ensure they’re in my next bug list, just for extra-super-little-gribbly power!

Here they are close up and a few more shots of all 9 of them together. I like the look of them as a big swarm. I can see them providing cover for my oft-targeted Warriors. Poor warriors, why do they hate you so? Haters gonna hate I ‘spose. Maybe baby gribbly can take a few of those krak missiles for you.

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