WH40k Game Day – Campaign on Aggrippa Secundus

Had our 3rd battle in our campaign for Aggrippa Secundus yesterday at the Seattle Battle Bunker. 1500 points a side, Space Wolves vs. Chaos (Nurgle) once again, but this time the forces of Chaos had 500 points of allies in the form of Imperial Guard (traitors!) in a 1500 point total per side game. Very interesting game with a few twists and turns, particularly when the Chaos Lord and the Leman Russ showed up on the battlefield! Some pictures posted below of the battle, more details on the campaign to be posted on the forums, coming soon.

In the end the Space Wolves were victorious when the game ended after 5 turns by holding one of the 3 objectives. Some new units on the field this game too for the forces of Chaos in particular; a unit of Raptors lead by a Chaos Lord of Nurgle sporting a jump pack, and 2 units of Autocannon havocs, which performed spectacularly poorly against Space Marines.

Space Wolves are moving up on top of turn 1.

Missile Launcher Long Fangs and a pack of Grey Hunters hanging back on turn 1. I lost an entire squad of 5 havocs to Long Fang fire on turn 1 and 2 more on turn 2. The autocannon havocs shot back at the Long Fangs for the majority of the game, foolishly. Not a good HS choice against Power Armor troops.

Long Fangs taking aim on my Nurgle Autocannon Havocs. I realy hate Long Fangs.

Need a lift?

Grey Hunters chillin in the forest. They’ll spend the entire game there, until the Leman Russ shows up on Turn 5 and unloads on them.

Plague Marines hanging out behind a building away from the line of site from the Long Fangs. The terminators with combi-meltas and power swords drop-podded in on the top of turn 1 and shot up these guy’s ride, exploding it. They were all bunched up and then unloaded on the terminators, killing 3 of them.

Bottom of Turn 2, Jump Pack Lord and his “retinue” of Raptors get on the board, hugging cover to stay out of the line of fire of the Long Fangs.

Another shot of the Chaos Lord and jump pack retinue.

On bottom of turn 2, Chimera (traitors) come in from reserve. All traitor units had the Outflank USR and so came in from the side of the table, attempting to deny the Grey Hunters the far left objective.

Traitor sentinels also come on from the side on outflank. Autocannons on these guys too over time take out some number of Long Fangs hunkered up on the parapet.

Long Fangs taking aim at the Sentinels. All guard units by the way graciously provided by my gaming partner Marc (thank you!)

Grey Hunters on Turn 2 getting into cover and covering the far left objective.

Plague Marines survive the melta shots of the assault terminators, and shoot overwatch as they charge. Termies charge and are killed by the champ with the Power Fist in close combat.

Autocannon Havocs slowly getting whittled away by the Long Fangs. I hate Long Fangs.

Plague Marines bust out of cover on the bottom of turn 3 to engage Grey Hunters hunkered down in the ruin on the right middle of the board.

Grey Hunters still holed up in their forest, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Grey Hunters with plasma and melta make short work of the traitor guard veterans and their Chimera ride. Ouch.

Another shot of Space Wolves covering their objective.

Chaos Nurgle Lord and Raptors charge the Grey Hunters in the ruin. The Chaos Lord had the Burning Brand of Skalathrax and power sword, and slayed many Grey Hunters before finally getting into melee with them on Turn 3. The close combat lasted 2 full rounds, with challenges between a Wolf Guard and the Lord and a Grey Hunter sergeant and a Raptor champion. After 2 turns the Nurgle forces in this combat ended up slaying all of the Grey Hunters.

Obliterators show up on Turn 4 automatically, just in time to have absolutely no impact on the game. Yay!

In the end the Space Wolves were victorious, holding one objective. A great game, and leaving one more episode left for the campaign over Aggrippa Secundus.


  1. So, how exactly do you feel about Long Fangs?

  2. They are hard core! They’re always the toughest unit when dealing with Space Wolves (in my experience).

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