Zone Meatalis!

The name says it all – what could be better than good friends, good food, and Horus Heresy Zone Mortalis? I had some friends over to Chez Cranky for some Zone Mortalis games and some good slow-smoked BBQ (hence the “meat”…). Much incredible food was brought over by all and vast quantities of it were consumed before a great 3 on 3 battle of Zone Mortalis for the Northwest 30k‘s In the Shadows of Isstvan campaign. Much merriment, good cheer, full bellies, and lethal Zone Mortalis action was had! Pictures within – check it out!

The Setup

I had 6 players over (including myself) to play 1000 points each of a Zone Mortalis force for the In the Shadows of Isstvan campaign that Paul is kicking off. There were 6 armies present – 2 Mechanicum (Richard and Greg), Imperial Fists (Shaughnn), Emperor’s Children (Paul), Sisters of Silence (David), and Blood Angels (Chris). Teams were divided up into 2 – EC and 2x (Dark) Mechanicum made up the Traitor side, and IF, BA, and SoS made up the Loyalists. The table had 4 objectives – the ultimate goal of the battle was to score as many points as possible (cumulative scoring by holding without being contested). Each objective was worth 1 point per turn you held it.

After much lunch was consumed (and food comas were had) and all the dice were rolled that day, the Loyalists pulled out the victory with 9 VP to 8 VP for the traitors. The traitors managed to kill (table) the Loyalists, but they held more objectives for longer and thus held the day and carried the win for the Emperor.

A great day of Zone Mortalis and camaraderie. Thank you Paul for organizing the campaign, thanks to Craig and Richard for bringing and letting us use their awesome ZM tiles, and thank you all for the delicious food and making it down to play some great games of Horus Heresy 30k!

The photo dump

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